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Your PCB Assembly Choice Could Speed Up Your Supply Chain - or Slow It Down

by VR Industries posted in News, Printed Circuit Board Assembly, Supply Chain

One weak link in a supply chain can cripple business, regardless of industry, products or economic standing. Yesterday's successes are no guarantee for tomorrow, so original equipment manufacturers must put in the time to ensure hangups between them and their suppliers are dealt with quickly and completely before they upend operations.

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Sustainable Practices Take The Spotlight

by VR Industries posted in Commercial, News, Supply Chain

Sustainability is far more than a passing trend. It's a global phenomenon with political, social, economic and, of course, environmental implications. From government to the commercial realm, organizations are looking for new ways to become more Eco-conscious in their policies and practices. With pressure from regulatory groups and incentives from public agencies, there's more reason than ever to make the shift toward sustainability.

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