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Your PCB Assembly Choice Could Speed Up Your Supply Chain - or Slow It Down

by VR Industries

One weak link in a supply chain can cripple business, regardless of industry, products or economic standing. Yesterday's successes are no guarantee for tomorrow, so original equipment manufacturers must put in the time to ensure hangups between them and their suppliers are dealt with quickly and completely before they upend operations.

For OEMs in the electronics sphere, printed circuit board assembly can work toward that end. PCBA partners vet the quality of supplies coming in and ensure functionality down the line. However, these advantages are entirely contingent upon the efficiency and professionalism of the PCBA company the OEM decides to contract to. So, how can manufacturers tell the difference between the good PCB assemblers that will enhance their processes and the bad ones that will wreak havoc on their productivity?

"Black-market semiconductors aren't the only problems facing procurement."

Good PCBA inspects procurement, not just what's procured
OEMs already have their hands full keeping counterfeit components out of their devices, and PCBA goes a long way to blow the whistle on fake parts and safeguard quality assurance. Yet, black-market semiconductors aren't the only problems facing procurement. Component producers up the supply chain may lack the ability to deliver on time and at a competitive cost.

Instead of letting OEMs decide whether supplier relations work in their favor or not, the right PCB assembly company will offer their expertise and guide their partners as to supplier efficacy. Active PCBA could have profound implications in health care technology - according to a recent United Parcel Service survey, rapid growth across the entire health care industry has made fluctuations in raw materials costs and increasing regulations more of a hassle. A seasoned PCB assembly team on a health care tech OEM's side could be a boon to business.

Bad PCBA can't provide design advice before manufacturing
Gone are the days where PCB assembly is done by hand - many, if not all, PCBAs are completed through automated processes, even PCBA for low- to mid-volume production lines. All of this innovation helps get products to market faster and upholds quality, but any PCB assembler worth its weight in gold ought to ensure the original product engineering schematics align with speed considerations.

Could your PCB manufacturer encounter trace or pad issues because of design flaws? A veteran PCBA expert should offer services for auditing PCBM layouts and even prototypes. If your PCB assembler doesn't, then it's only doing half its job.

Sure, there are dozens of other considerations to take into account when OEMs select the PCB assembly partner for their supply chain, but starting with these two perspectives will set businesses well on their way to pick the right choice the first time.

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Written by VR Industries